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Why SafetyNav?
SafetyNav is an easy way to learn more about how to bring yourself and/or your team closer and beyond compliance with tailored courses and support along the way.
Are your "Experts" truly Experts?

There is always room to grow and learn. With well over three decades of learning in the Safety, Health & Environmental Industry, we are confident that our Experts will provide the most knowledgeable answers to your questions.

What if I have a question that requires extensive research?
Our Experts have no problem delving into a question to find a solution for you, however a question that requires extensive research will require a contract.
How long will it take to get a response from Ask the Expert?
Our Experts have a time frame of 24 hours to get back to you with an answer. If an answer requires extensive research beyond the 24 hour time frame, SafetyNav will contact you to converse about a contract.
Why is there a limit on Ask-the-Expert?
There is a maximum limit of 4 questions per membership year to prevent abuse of the feature.
Have you received my email? Why have I not received a response?
We apologize if you have not received a reply yet. This may be because we are taking extra steps to answer your safety question.
Where can I make a recommendation?
Whether you have a recommendation or a subject you would like us to cover in a Safety Topic or Webinar, you can send recommendations or suggestions to our email at info@safetynav.com
Privacy and Security
What protection does SafetyNav use?
SafetyNav uses Sucuri; security activity audit logging, file integrity monitoring, and malware scanning. We are protected and you are protected.
Does your site use cookies?
Yes. Our site uses cookies and cacheing, but only to help remember and process payments, save user’s preferences, and compile data on site traffic and interactions. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.
Is it safe to download your documents?
Yes. Our site uses Akismet anti spam and Jetpack security to protect against malware and hackers.
What if my data is breached?
In compliance with the GDPR, SafetyNav will notify you within 72 hours of any data breach.
What is your Refund Policy?
All sales are final.
Are payment transactions safe and secure?
Yes. We use Authorize.net to process and receive payments. We do not store or record personal/financial information. Plus with our SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the checkout page is encrypted. So rest assured your personal information is safe.
Location of Country on Check Out?
Visa/MasterCard has begun to require websites to indicate the country of origin. The country of origin for SafetyNav is the United States.
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